Don't be fooled by our name, we do more than just proteins...

Our biophysical characterization techniques have applications to small peptides, nucleic acids (e.g. anti-sense therapeutics, aptamers, ribozymes), small molecule drugs, carbohydrates, vaccines, viruses, drug-polymer conjugates, and more. We have done work in areas such as:

  • characterizing conformation and aggregation of peptides and PEGylated peptides
  • characterizing aggregates in RNA
  • using CD to show that small molecules bind to protein targets
  • characterizing heterogeneity and aggregation in viral vectors used for gene therapy
  • characterizing heterogeneity and aggregation in polymers used in surgical applications
  • characterizing conformation and aggregation in conjugates of small molecules with polymers
  • characterizing aggregation of conjugated nucleic acids
  • characterizing size distributions of carbon-based nanoparticles
  • characterizing size distributions lipid-carbohydrate conjugates

Ask us about applications to your macromolecules!

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