Lab Tour

Our 2,619 square foot lab is located in the Sorrento Mesa section of San Diego, near many other biotech companies and the tech giant Qualcomm. If you are visiting, use the following link for maps and directions.

Here are two shots of the exterior of our building in the 'Fountain Plaza' tech park.

APL lab exterior 1  APL lab exterior 2

These are a couple of interior shots from the main lab. (There is also a second lab area for future expansion).

lab overview 1

lab overview 2

Specific equipment

This is our Jasco J-715 CD spectropolarimeter, including Peltier temperature control for thermal unfolding studies.

Jasco J-715

This is our Beckman ProteomeLab XL-I  analytical ultracentrifuge with both absorbance and interference (refractive index) detection. We also have a second analytical centrifuge, an XL-A (absorbance only).

ProteomeLab XL-I analytical ultracentrifuge

 Here is our SEC-MALS setup (Wyatt Technology MiniDAWN TREOS + Wyatt REX RI detector and a UV detector).

close-up of SEC-MALS setup

Below is our new Wyatt Technology Calypso device that prepares the samples for concentration-gradient classical light scattering (CG-MALS). This can feed into the same detectors used for SEC-MALS.

Wyatt Calypso and CG-MALS setup

This is our Wyatt Technology DynaPro NanoStar dynamic scattering system with Peltier temperature control.

Wyatt DynaPro Nanostar

Here is our GE/Microcal VP-DSC differential scanning calorimeter.

VP-DSC differential scanning calorimeter

And this is our Jasco V530 UV/Vis spectrophotometer.

Jasco V530 spectrophotometer

Here is the cold box, and a closer look at our GE AktaPrime FPLC system we use for protein purification projects. A second AktaPrime at room temperature is also available.

cold box

Aktaprime in cold box

This is our Thermo myECL gel imaging system, which handles chemiluminescent detection for Western blots and conventional Coomasie or silver-stained gels (for native gels and SDS-PAGE).




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