Alliance Protein Laboratories also can provide consulting services. The primary goal of consulting arrangements is usually to aid with problem solving. In some instances this may also involve analyzing or interpreting data you send to us

However because of the high demand for our contract analytical services our time available for consulting is now very limited. If you have a specific need for consulting we will certainly help if we can (getting needed medicines to patients is always the highest priority for us!), but we are not actively seeking new consulting clients at this time.

Problem solving

A.P.L.'s scientists can work with you to help solve your difficult problems and keep your product development on track. We have unique expertise in the area of solvent effects on proteins, and will work with you help select solution conditions and excipients to enhance the stability of your proteins. 

We have previously employed our experience in biophysical characterization to address issues such as conformation stability, aggregation, or particulate formation and to help solve problems arising at all stages of product development from basic research through process development, formulation, manufacturing, and QA/QC. 

Our purification experience includes many difficult systems such as refolding cytokines, chemokines, and receptor extracellular domains that contain large numbers of disulfides.

Remote data analysis and phone/e-mail consultation

A number of clients send us data to analyze and interpret (often via e-mail) when they want a second opinion, are unsure of the interpretation, or want us to analyze the raw data using our custom software.

With our long-term clients much of our consulting is conducted via phone or e-mail. This allows them to quickly and inexpensively get advice on experiment design, data interpretation, or trouble shooting.

Types of consulting arrangements and contracts

In general we prefer to have long-term relationships with our consulting clients, but depending on the nature and length of the assignment we may accept one-time or fixed term contracts. As a follow-up to on-site consulting visits it is often helpful to have a continuing arrangement for consultation via telephone or e-mail. A non-disclosure agreement is, of course, usually executed prior to, or as part of, our consulting agreements.


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